Income Calculator Referral Lead Program From Vancity Listings 

Input how much you would like to earn to see how many deals this equates to and how much it will cost in marketing fee.

(change gross commission / commission per deal / lead to deal conversion rate - to view different scenarios)

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Gross Commission

Referral Fee To Vancity Listings is 15% - this is your Net Commission $   Net Commission
Input ESTIMATED average gross commission per deal (suggested $8,500)     Average Gross Commission Per Deal: (this could be higher or lower depending on your area/property type)             
Input your ESTIMATED lead to deal conversion rate (suggested 2%)   % Conversion Rate: the key to everything!!  See what happens when you increase the % rate.  We have the tools to convert leads into deals.      
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This Is The Monthly Marketing Investment Needed $  

This works out to approximately 5% of gross commission.  Important not to think of this as a cost, but an investment that you WILL get a return on. 

Your Return On Investment !! x    
Referral % total equivalent  


This is marketing cost + 15% referral to Vancity Listings - BETTER THAN THE INDUSTRY REFERRAL RATE OF 25% !!