PH1 at The Fairmount Pacific Rim is the highest value condo sold in MLS Canadian history.  Sold for a whopping $25M back in May of 2013.  It took 643 days to sell and sold to a Prince who was also nice enough to buy the sub penthouse for his staff.  I believe he visits for 2 weeks out of a year.

It boasts: 6.4k square feet / 3 beds / 4 baths / 4 parking / roof top patio / + all the amenities that this world class hotel has to offer.

Click the image below to see the inside of this gem.

There are currently 77 Penthouses for sale in Vancouver that are over $1M, email for the full list.

In Vancouver, so far this year 20 Penthouses have sold that are over $1M and they can all be viewed here: click here

The most expensive to sell this year is 888 Beach Penthouse which sold for $3.8M. 

The average price sold of a Penthouse was $1.833M with an average list price of $1.97M (average selling 7% below list price)

The longer the time on the market usually equates to the more motivated seller and the Penthouse at The Vita (565 Smithe) has cumulatively been for sale for 653 days but today it shows 1 day on the market, the latest price reduction was by some $200,000.  An offer 20% below list may garner a sale price of 10% below which is a possible sale price of $2.5M

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