Consider London Ontario

Ontario is a beautiful province. Situated in central Canada, you have access to hundreds of spectacular national and provincial parks. You have the opportunity to experience rural or urban living. And the friendly atmosphere and people make it all that much more. 

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Not sure where to live in Ontario? Consider moving to London! The city of London is ever-growing and ever-expanding. Located in the southwestern corridor, the city is next-to-none. You get all the big city vibes, but with small city feels. Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why you should consider moving to London, Ontario:

You Have Access To The Great Lakes

Never-ending beaches, summer activities, and relaxation galore - the Great Lakes offer an abundance of entertainment -, especially during those hot summer days. And there only a hop, skip, and a jump away from London. In under an hour, you can find yourself sunbathing on the beaches of Lake Erie - and the same goes for Lake Huron to the north. 

It’s Affordable

The cost of living is more affordable than bigger cities like Toronto. And the average home price is $353,180. You won’t find yourself strapped for cash in this city. Plus, you’ll then be able to spend more on the variety of restaurants and entertainment venues that London has to offer.

There are Employment Opportunities Available

Unlike other places, London has opportunities for job seekers. In fact, 10 business in London made the Profit 500 list for the fastest growing businesses. There’s financial, educational, healthcare, manufacturing, and tech businesses located in London - all with varying degrees of success. Any economic expert would agree that London is home to a thriving and growing economy. 

Art & Culture? London’s Got It

London has a remarkable art scene. The city has more museums per capita than both Toronto and Ottawa. In addition, the area has a rich history with a variety of historical and heritage sites. These buildings add character and mystery to the community and to the people who first settled in the area. Take a stroll around town and check out the various museums and galleries. Or sign up for a local art class - they’re easy to find!

And There’s More!

London has Boler Mountain - which provides skiing throughout the winter months and a great spot for mountain biking and zip lining in the warmer seasons. And if you like the great outdoors, there’s a variety of parks and trail systems that run in and around the city. See all the best things to do in London!

There are also a ton of annual events that take place. From musical festivals to fairs and outdoor movie viewings, you’ll be anything but bored. 

Furthermore, their educational system is top notch. They have top-rated high schools and elementary schools. The Thames Valley School Board has over 150 elementary and secondary schools spanning across the region. The London Catholic School Board has over 50 elementary and secondary schools, and there are also French and private school options available. The city is also home to Western University, as well as various colleges. It’s safe to say that education is a high priority in the minds of local residents in the city of London.

Find Out All That London Has to Offer!

London is the ideal spot to call home. It has everything you need and then some. So, if you’re looking for a place to live in Ontario, take this great city and all it has to offer into consideration. It’s worth it.